VC++ modify control text size and color

Hits: 0The code to modify the text size of the control is relatively simple as follows: CFont *stFont4; stFont4 = new CFont; stFont4->CreateFont( 0, // nWidth 0, // nEscapement 0, // nOrientation FW_BOLD, // nWeight FALSE, // bItalic FALSE, // bUnderline 0, // cStrikeOut ANSI_CHARSET, // nCharSet OUT_DEFAULT_PRECIS, // nOutPrecision CLIP_DEFAULT_PRECIS, // nClipPrecision DEFAULT_QUALITY, // …

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Ubuntu install Qt

Hits: 0 Recently, this company received an order. The customer uses the domestic operating system, which means that the Linux system needs to be used. Therefore, the previous things have to be picked up again. Moreover, the usual code is mainly the windows platform. The code is ported to the linux platform, and since this …

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