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xlua-lua scripts use coroutines 0

xlua-lua scripts use coroutines

Hits: 0How does lua code use [coroutines] ? The principle is very simple, it is to encapsulate Unity’s MonoBehaviour script C# object for Lua code. Create a C# coroutine object: CoroutineRunner using System.Collections; using...

xlua-Lua code accessing C# 0

xlua-Lua code accessing C#

Hits: 0How does lua code access variable methods of C# code? This article gives a more detailed introduction The C# code part is as follows using System; using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; using...

Asynchronous call in xlua-lua code 0

Asynchronous call in xlua-lua code

Hits: 0In some special cases, in order not to block the current main thread, some time-consuming operations that do not need to be performed synchronously need to be executed in another thread, such as:...