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latex pretends to insert references (without bibtex) 0

latex pretends to insert references (without bibtex)

Hits: 0Compiling with bibtex keeps reporting errors, and I have to use some temporary methods, and the compilation looks similar thebibliography environment Example \documentclass{article} \usepackage{ctex} \begin{document} \section{question restatement} \subsection{Modeling ideas} \subsection{parameter description} \section{symbol description}...

latex insert code block 0

latex insert code block

Hits: 0Insert [matlab] code Join at the beginning \usepackage{listings}% insert code block where you need to add code \begin{lstlisting}[language = Matlab,title={matlab4\_8.m}, numbers=left, numberstyle=\tiny,keywordstyle=\color{blue!70}, commentstyle=\color{red!50!green!50!blue!50},frame=shadowbox, rulesepcolor=\color{red!20!green!20!blue!20},basicstyle=\ttfamily] \end{lstlisting} Add code before end to compile and get...