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get windows password 0

get windows password

Hits: 0Overview [The process of penetration testing] is a very important step for obtaining passwords in the Windows system. After obtaining the passwords, we can perform credential stuffing on other machines in the intranet,...

Ubuntu18.04 configure network card 0

Ubuntu18.04 configure network card

Hits: 02019/10/29, Ubuntu Server 18.04 Summary: [Ubuntu] Server 18.04 uses netplan as network configuration management, modify IP to connect to the network, modify and replace software sources First use to ip aview the current...

Powershell kill-free replaceable keywords 0

Powershell kill-free replaceable keywords

Hits: 0[Powershell] kill-free replaceable keywords keywords can be replaced IEX $DoIt — iex $DoIt
IEX $a -- ie
$a $var_runme — $vrunme $var_buffer — $vbuffer func_get_proc_address — func_k func_get_delegate_type — func_l $var_type_builder — $vk $var_parameters — $vp $var_return_type– $ve...

Use of Token for Intranet Penetration in Windos 0

Use of Token for Intranet Penetration in Windos

Hits: 0Article directory Intranet penetration Token foreword Theft and utilization of AccessToken incognito incognito under MSF msfconsole token combat fake token process stealing token Return the previous token [Intranet] penetration Token This experimental environment...