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【CV cornerstone】Soft-NMS 0

【CV cornerstone】Soft-NMS

import numpy as np # Define a nms function def soft_nms(dets, thresh=0.3, sigma=0.5): # Only those whose score is greater than thresh can survive. Actual adjustment parameter ''' input: dets : dets is an...

OpenCV Vehicle detection combat 0

OpenCV Vehicle detection combat

Foreword : For the general outline, please see “Computer Vision Learning Road” 1. Remove the background createBackgroundSubtractorMOG2(…)  history = 200 # Represents how many video frames are pre-stored, and the background is judged according...

Cascade classifier training process (steps) 0

Cascade classifier training process (steps)

[This article is translated from Baidu] translation from : Due to my limited English proficiency, please refer to the OpenCV official website for any inconsistencies in the translation. Please understand. The text details...