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WaveSideBar Letters 0

WaveSideBar Letters

Hits: 0Project address: WaveSideBar You can use WaveSideBar in the contacts page of your application. Refer to AlexLiuSheng/AnimSideBar. Screenshot Include the WaveSideBar to Your Project With gradle: dependencies { compile 'com.gjiazhe:wavesidebar:1.0.1' } Use WaveSideBar in...

FantasySlide 0


Hits: 0Project address: FantasySlide An extension of DrawerLayout with cool animations and innovative interactions. Slide out the sidebar and selection menu with a single gesture. Welcome to download the demo experience. Effect Instructions...

CallProgressBar 0


Hits: 0Introduction: A simple implementation of a custom circular progress bar, which can be used for file uploading, downloading, image loading and other places. A material design circle the progress bar,You can download it...