Year-end summary of big data interns, continue to walk with CSDN in 2022

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🎈🎈🎈 Hello, everyone, I’m Xiao Yuan, a humorous Python and big data blogger
🥇🥇🥇 CSDN big data new star creator, this is my blog: Xiaolan ovo
🌈🌈🌈 Universe Undecided, you and I are both dark horses! ! ! Let’s make progress together and get a good offer! 🎉🎉🎉

college life

Confused January-June

The first one was AsiaInfo, an intern of big data development who was interviewed. In this interview, I first introduced myself. There was a little stutter, and the project questions were answered. Overall, I still felt that there was drama, but unfortunately I didn’t receive it in the end. Notice, probably because of the spark they used, I only started to get in touch at that time, and I mainly learned Hadoop in school.

June-Dec with CSDN

Let’s talk about why I want to blog first. I have always used the Markdown editor to take notes. When preparing for interviews in June, I often look at me remembering notes before. Every time I export a PDF and send it to QQ to download it, it is too troublesome and wastes the memory of my phone. . Accidentally found that CSDN has a Markdown editor, so I started the road of blogging!

During the summer internship, I went home from get off work every day to watch video learning (reviewed the basics of java, newly learned data structures and algorithms, ETL development tool kettle), and then wrote a blog. During that time, I really took all the time to learn, because I My goal is to change jobs after I finish my studies, and then in September I felt that I had almost finished my studies, so I quit my job and went home to look for a new job for a month. Then I finished the advanced part of MySQL, SQL tuning (the interview is easy to be asked), and shell scripting. Everything I have learned is written on a blog for easy review! ! !Friends in need can look at the blog posted before, and the link will not be given here.

When I wrote my blog from June to September, I didn’t have a single fan. It started to increase in early September, as shown below:

It went up by 1000 in a month and I was so excited! ! !

After that, the fans have been rising, and I was fortunate to be on the list once!

Until December as shown below (I changed my name on impulse, and I have to wait a month to change it back, woo woo woo):

It’s very nice. Recently, because of my busy work, I mainly record some SQL and Python codes that are practical at work.

Ready for work experience

So I went to my current company for an interview. The position was a big data development intern. I prepared a lot of algorithms, SQL statements, SQL tuning, shell scripts, hadoop, and kettle tools. During the interview, I introduced myself and asked for Switching to Python, the company is relatively small, so I can’t use Hadoop at all, and the supervisor didn’t ask much about Hadoop, saying that if I am interested, I can build it myself from scratch, and they provide servers.

Job search summary

1. The first point must be to clarify your own goals. You can see the picture below to choose a suitable big data position.

2. Master the professional skills required for the target position

3. Submit your resume

4. Interview

  • Before going to the interview, it is best to make a phone call to understand the basic situation of the company, so as not to be unsuitable for a wasteful trip (if there are few interview opportunities, it is recommended to practice your skills and strengthen your courage)
  • I won’t teach interview skills, I will learn from many aspects

new year goals

  • The internship was successfully turned into a regular, and I got a good offer
  • Continue to create on CSDN, work together, and break through 1W fans! ! !
  • Precipitate your own technology and achieve breakthroughs
  • Operate your own public account

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