Why do some testers walk more and more narrowly The reason is here

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I often think: Why do some people with the same background and the same education have a wider path, while others have a narrower path?

It cannot be simply attributed to character and luck. It seems accidental but it is inevitable.

not good at learning

Learning makes us strong and confident.

However, not only learning, but also being good at learning is needed to keep our confidence alive.

Why be good at learning? This is a university question. In short, there is a set of efficient learning methods suitable for you, which can remove the rubbish and save the essence, draw inferences from one case, and convert knowledge into ability.

In the past ten years, I have come into contact with several colleagues and friends who came out of elementary school and junior high school to join the society, but became the company’s vice president, company CEO, and self-employment colleagues and friends. Without exception, although they did not go to university formally, but through continuous learning, whether it is knowledge level or ability, they are far better than ordinary college students and graduate students.

People who are not good at learning will complain about others, indulge in tricks and tricks, and ultimately achieve nothing.

Not paying attention to career changes

Times are advancing, and occupations are changing. Take software testing as an example, the core mission of the initial tester is to execute the program to find bugs. But now, the core mission of the tester has been expanded. In addition to executing the program to find bugs, it is also necessary to prevent defects by shifting the test left and shifting the test right, and quickly promote the circulation of the version through automation and testing technology. If we don’t pay attention to career changes and stay more than ten years ago, it will be even more difficult to change the environment later.

Too low self-esteem, self-esteem too high

Knowing yourself is important, and you must know yourself correctly, put yourself in the right position, and make the right choice.

Self-knowledge does not make us think of ourselves as contemptuous and shrink from everything. For example, in recruitment, you may meet all the requirements except for your academic qualifications, or even stand out, so you might as well give it a try. Be confident, it’s no big deal, if you don’t try it, how do you know it won’t work?

Self-awareness does not make us think too much of ourselves and feel that we are cows and others are scum. This kind of person, unless you are a real technical cow, the company must be you, or in order to balance the overall mood of the team, will eventually be expelled.

Evil not good

The more good luck, the more good fruit.

Everyone may find a phenomenon in the workplace. Most of the real people in high positions are amiable and easy to talk. Why? Apart from the fact that the wicked were all made by the little devils below, I am afraid there is also the idea of ​​forming a good relationship in it. For example, a tech giant said, if you are really capable, why should I make it difficult for you? Maybe I will need your help in the future, give you a door of convenience, maybe it will be my window of opportunity in the future.

On the other hand, if we hold ourselves high, make enemies everywhere, and have bad relations with others, we will inevitably betray us and leave us, and we will fall into desperation, no one cares, or even be thrown into the woods.

fear change

In the workplace, we are often full of fear of change. For example, when there is an opportunity for you to do management, you are afraid that you are incompetent, so you give up the opportunity; you know that you may have better development after changing jobs, but because of the fear of failure, you are delayed and end up in a dilemma; for example, you know that you are Introverted and not good at communication, every time I encounter a communication meeting, I clearly have a good idea in my heart, but I can’t express it. In the end, I can only feel sorry for myself and feel depressed.

There is no doubt that fear of change will be our enemy for a long time, defeat him and you will be reborn, surrender to him, and you will be in a desperate situation every step of the way.

Limited personal circle

Most technicians give the impression that they are homely, boring, simple, easy to delineate their own circles, and have a single channel of communication and access to information.

For example, a while ago, a technician was forced to jump off the building by his ex-wife. If he had friends in the legal profession, he would not have committed suicide because he was afraid of various threats from his ex-wife. Under the premise of being excellent, there is absolutely no shortage of friends to introduce girlfriends, and there will be no evil relationship through marriage and love websites.

Making more circles not only enables us to obtain more solutions in times of crisis, but also enables us to understand the dynamics and knowledge of other industries, and perhaps the next path of our career will be presented in it.

Finally, I hope that everyone can overcome their own weaknesses, the career path will become wider and wider, and I will meet a different you in the new year~

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