What should I do if I plug in the headset after the Dell laptop is turned on

My laptop is from Dell. Not long after I started it, I encountered the problem that the sound of the computer was put in the headphone after it was turned on, and the headphone could not hear the sound.

However, there is basically no way to solve the problem on Baidu. When I first started DEll, every time I encounter this kind of problem, I will only plug in the headset first, and then restart the computer. I have also checked the driver of the computer many times, but I didn’t find anything wrong with the computer’s drivers.

Restarting every time you encounter a problem is the most effective way to solve the problem on Windows, and it is often annoying. However, it is too troublesome.

Today I will share an effective solution to this problem.

    1. First, open the MaxxAudioProsoftware , if not, you can go to the official website to download and install, [MaxxAudioPro official website to download]

    1. As shown below, click the first ( headphones ) button

    1. As shown in the figure below, click the headphone button to select the output device

    1. Then you will go to the steps in the figure below. Then click on the headset or headset

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