WeChat applet — detailed explanation of pull-up loading

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<scroll-view scroll-y style="height:100vh;" bindscrolltolower="lower" scroll-into-view="{{toView}}" scroll-top="{{scrollTop}}">
  <view class = 'content-wrapper' upper-threshold>
     //here is the category page style for pull-up loading

Note: style="height:100vh;"It means to monitor the current window area, and it will be triggered when it exceeds the current visible area.bindscrolltolower="lower"


lower: function ( e ) { // pull-up loading 
    console .log(e)
     //here is the pull-up loading request code 

Tips: If multi-layer scroll-viewscrolling is required during development, scroll-viewthere will be sliding penetration, and you bindscrolltolowercan change it to this time catchtouchmove.

Ps: upper-threshold is to allow vertical scrolling

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