Vue scaffolding installation and creation, full illustration

1. What is [vue scaffolding]

Tools for creating Vue environments (scaffolding)

2. Installation

  1. Install node.js

  2. Have npm

  3. (Optional) Switch the installation source

npm install nrm -g

nrm  use taobao  
//  Switch the installation source to Taobao

  1. Installation

npm install -g @vue /cli // install scaffolding

3. Create

  1. Switch to the root directory cd/

  2. Created a project called myvue through vue scaffolding

vue create myvue

  1. Start to choose the format (the following is to choose manual configuration), you can directly choose vue2 or vue3

4. Start

  1. Switch to Project

cd myvue

  1. Run the project

npm run serve

5. Package the project

npm run build

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