vscode remote connection ssh

1. Install [OpenSSH]

  1. Open the Windows start page, search for [PowerShell] directly , open the first “Windows PowerShell”, and run it as an administrator.

  2. After opening, enter the following command:

Get-WindowsCapability -Online | ? Name -like 'OpenSSH*'

The result at this time is that OpenSSH is not installed on the computer:

  1. If it is already installed, skip this step. If it is not installed, enter the following command:

Add-WindowsCapability -Online -Name OpenSSH.Client~~~~

The final result is as follows, which means that the OpenSSH installation was successful:

[4. After the successful installation of OpenSSH is displayed, enter the command ssh] after opening the local cmd to enter :


If this result is displayed, then it is correct:

Second, [vscode] configure ssh

The premise is that vscode has been installed

  1. Click on the extension in the toolbar on the right, search for “ssh”, and select the first one to install (I have already installed it, and all the disabled status is displayed at this time)

  2. Click the “Settings” button in the lower right corner, and then click “Settings”:

According to the prompt of the screenshot, find “Show Login Terminal” and check this option:

3. Click “Remote” in the right toolbar to view the [remote connection] , and click the button next to the server displayed under “SSH TARGETS” to connect:

Select the platform of the server:

You need to select the steps to enter the password that will appear later, and a box to enter the password will pop up. After entering the password, the connection to the remote server is successful.

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