VSCode can’t connect to the remote server problem and solution collection

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The landlord found a lot of solutions from the Internet because VSCode could not connect to the server suddenly. The landlord feels that these methods can be concentrated and used as a reference for people who encounter such connection problems.This information will be continuously updated, and you are also welcome to leave messages to provide more solutions!

Table of contents

Without further ado, let’s put together a [collection of official solutions] , which is very comprehensive. However, the link questions included below are relatively more specific, the methods are more intuitive, and they are friendly to friends who are not good at English.
In addition, such as [Windows system file repair] , reinstallation VSCode, restarting the computer, etc., these basic solutions are not listed here.

1. Error Establishing Tunnel

ERRORThere are many kinds of reasons for this, and other problems in the back can also be solved by the methods in this part.

2. Unauthorized Client Refused

3. Time Limit Reached

4. WebSocket Close with Status Code 1006

5. Handler Already Set

6. Spawn UNKNOWN

7. ‘_workbench.downloadResource’ Failed

8. Failed to Parse Remote Port from Server Output

9. Connection Refused

10. Remote Host Identification has Changed

11. Bad Owner or Permissions

12. Setting up SSH Tunnel

13. Other connection errors and corresponding solutions

Mainly due to the inability to connect after the host system or VSCodeversion is updated.

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