Visual Studio Installation Tutorial

Visual Studio Installation Tutorial

Foreword: Recently I am learning “Introduction to OpenCV3 Programming”, because this book is all implemented by C++, so I downloaded visual studio for use.

1. Download from the official website

Official website download address:

Because it is for personal learning purposes, I downloaded the community version here.
The downloaded file is an .exe file
. After double-clicking to open it, something will be loaded. Finally the following interface appears

Second, install visual studio

(1) Change the installation path

First, we need to set the installation path. Because visual studio takes up a lot of space, we must never install it on the C drive, which will make our already poor C drive space even worse.
Here, switch to the installation location, and change the paths of the following three items to D disk or other non-system disk. The picture here is what I have changed.

(2) Custom installation components

At this time, we can customize the selection of components to download
because I need to use C++, so I chose to use C++ for desktop development and visual studio extension development
. The space occupied by the download will be displayed below for reference (I have already downloaded it here.)

You can select the components you need to download according to your specific needs.
After selecting, select Install in the lower right corner, and the download interface will appear. After the download is complete, click Start and you can use it.
Finally, visual studio Memory used during installation:

D drive occupies 6.8G
C drive occupies 1.G

3. Start using

Enter the visual studio development interface and click to create a new project.
Here I choose to create a new C++ empty project
. Define your project name here, as well as the storage location of the project (it is recommended to put it in a space other than the C drive)
and finally click Create.

(4) Create the first program

After entering the project interface, select the source file on the right, right-click to add – new item,
modify the name of the c++ item, and then click add

(5) The almighty HelloWorld

Enter the hello world code in the interface

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main() {
    cout << "Hello World" << endl;
    return 0;

Click the execute button above
and wait for a while to bring up the console and display the execution result.
Seeing this, you can officially start the next study~

Conclusion: To put it simply, the author is also using visual studio for the first time, and will also learn and improve with everyone.

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