Using el-data-picker in Vue reports an error (Prop being mutated placement)

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I always thought that I accidentally modified the value passed by props, but I reported an error at packages/date-picker/src/picker.vue page, I found out that it was the version problem of element, I looked at the official website and found that I used in the version. The placement has changed from the data object to props, so this error has been reported. I lowered the version of element-ui and tried it, but versions 2.15.6 and 2.15.9 are not feasible.

Many people say that 2.15.8 can be used, I also tried it

npm uninstall element-ui
npm install element-ui@2.15.8

But I still got an error, and then I removed the extension of element, changed “element-ui”: “^2.15.8” to “element-ui”: “2.15.8”, removed ^, and then deleted the dependency Reinstalled, the error is really gone,

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