uni-app project creation (easy + explicit!!!)

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uni-app project creation

1. Command line creation

1.1 Create a project:

vue create -p dcloudio/uni-preset-vue project name

1.2 Choose a template:

Use the up and down arrows to select, and press Enter to confirm. Generally, select ‘default template’

Created successfully:
Project structure:

2. HBuilder creation

2.1 Download and install HBuilder:
2.2 After opening the HBuilder software, click “File” → “New” → “Project”
2.3 Create a new project:

Project template:
Default template: We generally choose this uni-ui project: The uni-ui plugin library
is imported

Project structure:
By comparison, we know that
the project created by HBuilder will hide many files (folders), and the project we created with the command line is more appropriate to the official structure of uniapp:

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