ubuntu network cannot connect (bridge mode)

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[ubuntu] bridge mode network cannot connect

Problem Description

In recent days, I encountered a network configuration problem. Because the previous [virtual machine] crashed, I changed the ubuntu21.04 version. When I created the virtual machine, I chose bridge mode. The virtual network editor is also bridge mode by default, and then in The network adapter set by the virtual machine did not miss the option. The icon in the upper right corner of the Ubuntu desktop did not appear. When I opened the network of the system settings, there was no network switch button. I wanted to modify the configuration file, but modifying it should be normal. It is to set a static address, and there is no network network switch option. It should be that the network-related process has ended. It needs to be re-run. Then I found the command to open the network on the Internet. Sure enough, I typed these two lines in the terminal, and it was done. span

Turn off the network:sudo nmcli networking off

Turn on the network:sudo nmcli networking on

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