Thousands of trees become a forest, I planted a Vue skill tree

original intention

By chance [,] when I communicated with Mr. Zou, I mentioned the front-end knowledge system in the CSDN station. I was invited by Mr. Zou to do the construction of the Vue skill tree. To be honest, I didn’t feel much at first. We don’t know the skill tree of CSDN very well, and I thought it was relatively simple, and I didn’t take into account so much. On the one hand, I also love Vue. Bring a certain number of fans, of course, this is the idea at the time.


Sure enough, the problem continues, because we build the skill tree by submitting code directly to the code repository, and pulling the code down is confusing. As a front-end programmer, I can’t understand the code structure of building the skill tree. Install the pythonenvironment on the computer, so that we can format our overall skill tree structure through scripts. Through continuous inquiries, we can slowly figure out the construction process; also because of Dr. Fan’s continuous guidance and encouragement, I feel that building Vue The skill tree is not only for interest, but also not only to satisfy one’s own IP construction, but also not only to increase fans, it seems that there is more responsibility and expectation in it,”chicken blood”is full of progress Chong, be sure to plant”this tree”;


There are only a hundred questions in the small skill tree, and there are only more than ten chapters. This may be what everyone sees. In fact, behind them is really how many nights our builders have worked hard and how many hairs to build them. The process is actually quite mind-blowing:

Confirmation of the catalogue : repeatedly push down our own ideas, after all, we have to avoid the ‘tooquan’ form of official documents, and also ensure that our learners have a good harvest;

The division of subsections : how many subsections are divided into, the degree of subdivision of subsections is controlled, and the learning order of subsections requires repeated thinking, including referring to the suggestions of some partners;

Sorting of knowledge points : Because we as a builder only provide the overall system framework of the skill tree and exercises, all the reference materials are matched on CSDN through algorithms, but the Vue skill tree is above each exercise in the construction. Added a little common sense, which is unique to the Vue skill tree, and I deliberately added it in the construction. If you don’t have time to look at the reference materials, you can learn the knowledge points in this section through the common sense above the exercises; as follows picture:

Section exercises : There will be exercises in each section of the skill tree. We also hope that everyone can use this form to test our mastery of this section. We also use this method to record which part of the tree we punched into. Coverage and difficulty all need to be considered;

Reference material keyword setting : sometimes why you write an article and it is included in the XX directory under the XX skill tree, this is that the builder of the skill tree leaves a keyword in each section, and the algorithm will affect CSDN’s The article is matched, if you happen to match the keyword, your article will be included; (If you want to make targeted contributions to the Vue skill tree reference materials, you can find me through private message and write high-quality targeted articles, We include it directly into the skill tree, and your articles will also receive higher exposure!)

The above are all things that we have to consider. My update time is basically at night. I work hard in the company for a day during the day, and go home to build the skill tree at night. When I see my roommates returning home, I am very envious of games, movies, and iced tea. ‘Why don’t you change it today? ‘I slack off when I’m tired;

persist in

On weekends, I hope I can do what I like as freely as others, eh? Isn’t building a Vue skill tree just something I like? I have hinted to myself many times, and with my submissions again and again, I am still very moved when I see the trunks and branches built by the code I have written. It is difficult; 75% of the Vue skill tree has been launched, and the number of PC-side learners has reached 5,000. Thanks to all the friends who have supported me along the way. Because of your encouragement, I insisted on drawing the beautiful submission line chart below. ;


Why create this Vue skill tree? Isn’t Vue’s official documentation delicious? It’s not that it’s not fragrant, but it’s very fragrant. The content on Vue’s official documentation must be the most correct and quite comprehensive, but it is also official because it is comprehensive, so some students will not know where to learn after seeing it, and even if they see the dense text. The Vue skill tree is to solve this problem. The whole is divided into three parts: after the initial learning is completed, you can try any demo without back-end interaction to experience the charm of Vue; after the intermediate learning, you can use the Vue scaffolding to build the Vue family bucket project Respond to the needs of the work; after the advanced study is completed, you will know the reason why you will know more about the original concept of Vue and the edge knowledge of Vue, which will make the development more handy.

I remember Dr. Fan’s sentence: If you want to give someone a glass of water, you must first have a bucket of water. When chatting with some blogger friends, I also felt a problem, that is, when we continue to output content at a certain stage, it is easy to feel empty. , of course, this refers to ordinary bloggers such as me, don’t spray it, you just feel like you don’t know what to output, which reflects the importance of continuous learning, including the construction of skill trees, which requires us There is a lot of content at the same time, but we also need to expand a lot of content, and constantly absorb more things to summarize and share with others. While enjoying the joy of sharing, it is actually bound to our learning.

The president of Xi’an Jiaotong University once proposed: “The ultimate goal of learning must fall on ourselves. The difference between university and high school is that university is self-reliant and must be self-disciplined. Therefore, the first point of learning is to take the initiative and take the initiative to act. Only then will you be able to deeply appreciate the joy that learning brings to you, and then you will know why and how to learn. Passive learning is very painful, because it has no goal, no drive, no direction, and active action can bring you What you learn is deeply melted into your own blood and becomes your own ability. Passive learning will not leave an impression in your mind. After the exam, everything will disappear. If you have this kind of initiative, You will definitely achieve success in your studies, and you should take the initiative to do things in the future!”, the skill tree of each language provided by our CSDN is a platform for everyone to learn systematically. Through reference materials, we can understand the connotation of knowledge points, We can test the mastery of our knowledge points through the exercises; you are welcome to come to the Vue skill tree to challenge the clock.

write at the end

The Vue skill tree has been released for more than a month. Have you studied systematically? If you haven’t, I really recommend you to learn it. /skill/vue

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