The title icon favicon.icon on the browser tab

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The title icon favicon.icon on the browser tab

What is a favicon?

Favicon is short for favorites icon, also known as website icon (web icon), page icon (page icon) or urlicon (URL icon). A favicon is an icon associated with a website or webpage.

Favicons are small 16×16 icon files that are displayed next to a website’s URL in the browser address bar. Additionally, they typically appear next to your site’s name in users’ Open tabs and bookmark list listings, making it easier for users to quickly identify between other sites.

How to view favicon

You can see it directly by adding “/favicon.ico” to the top-level domain name of the website.

Favicon icons are uploaded to the home or root directory of the website. The default location is Similarly, the browser will first look for the favicon.ico file in the default location of the directory where the webpage is located.

Generate favicon online

Now there is an online favicon generator service on the Internet: upload your favorite pictures directly, directly generate a 16*16 pixel favicon.ico file, and have an online preview function.

Generate favicon url online:

All versions of Internet Explorer still require Favicons to be saved as ICO files (Microsoft Icon format). This tool provides an easy way to convert any GIF, PNG or JPEG supported by all modern web browsers to ICO. It also lets you create Favicons from scratch with convenient online editing.

How to set the title icon on the browser tab

The title icon on the browser tab can be specified by a tag in the html page, such as:

        <link rel="icon" href="/my.ico">

If this icon is not specified in the html page, the browser will automatically find the favicon.ioc file in the root directory of the website. If it exists, it will be displayed, if it does not exist, it will not be displayed.

It should be noted that if this icon is replaced or deleted, the browser cache must be cleared to take effect.

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