The problem that the mobile phone cannot connect to the computer hotspot, the hotspot connection times out, and the computer hotspot cannot be connected-01

Problem Description

Finally, I finally realized that maybe I didn’t configure my own network to the hotspot, and I didn’t give the hotspot the right to share.

1. Cause

It is also likely that you installed the [VMWare] virtual machine and then some network configuration of the computer was modified.

Second, the solution

1. Turn on the computer hotspot

First, turn on your computer’s hotspot.

2. Open the computer network settings

Then, select the form of the network you are connected to, for example, mine is “WLAN” . Select->Double-click->Properties->Sharing->Tick ✔->Select the name of the hotspot you have opened (mine is “Local Connection*10” ).

3. Conclusion

Now your phone and other devices can connect to your laptop’s hotspot.

Fourth, matters needing attention

If the above methods do not solve the problem, then reset the network settings of the virtual machine first.


1. Open the virtual network editor

2. Restore default

3. Sauce purple is fine…

If not, come and beat me…

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