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He went from the grassroots business to the business director, and then to the disbandment of the team, and started 3 entrepreneurial journeys. After 3 years of “trial and error”, he finally chose to switch to software testing. I hope that Zhang’s sharing can help some friends who have been confused.

Entering the workplace for the first time

I have been working since 2013 and I am just 30 years old this year. At first, he started from the business in the investment consulting company, became the sales champion, won the single king, and then began to manage the team, as the supervisor, department manager, and business director.

The market changes, the team disbands

However, with the great changes in the market environment after the stock market crash, the national policy became more and more tight, and the business shrunk. He was transferred to the futures trading department of the fund company to do trading work. Diligent and smart, working hard, so the income is good. It has been more than a year in the trading position. Although our futures department has achieved good results, in the bear market environment, the company’s largest share of the company’s business has been completely liquidated, so the team is still inevitably disbanded.

Start a business three times, and start all over again

It may be because of the anxiety that I am about to turn 30, whether I should change careers and continue working or start a business, I have been thinking for a long time. Based on my previous working experience, my friends and I started to work on derivatives-related entrepreneurial projects. From 2018 to 2021, I have three entrepreneurial experiences, a partnership company, a trading studio, and my own company. I have lost all my savings. What upstream channel partners do not give money to run away, the policies are so changeable that they walk in the gray area, the company account runs out of money, and they set up a credit card to pay wages. These are not the darkest moments, but countless sleepless nights in business and life. It is the most tormenting. And due to the situation of the industry, it is almost impossible to go back (institutions) after leaving the previous circle, and everything is to start all over again.

How did I get into IT?

In the process of starting a business, we built an online platform product for foreign exchange transactions. At that time, we were fooled by buying IT products from a software company (buying junk at a high price), and then we recruited developers to do our own research, so as to get in touch with the IT industry. In order to save costs, it is all our development self-test. After the version iteration, all employees of our company participate in the internal test together, but the test is only done from the user’s point of view, and the product quality is not guaranteed. Professional testers and rigorous work flow, problems occur frequently after going online, and several adjustments are not helpful. Of course, the project did not survive and there were problems beyond the IT product.

I have understood and compared the foreign and domestic software industries. The domestic focus is more on development, and the proportion of personnel in testing positions is very low, because the domestic Internet industry has only developed in the past 20 years. But the current technology level has improved rapidly, not worse than developed countries, and the research and development atmosphere is getting better and better.

As the wave of technological applications continues, 5G, 6G and super networks will be widely used in the future; the continuous upgrading of chip technology and storage technology; smarter wearable devices, various mobile terminals and foreseeable commercial quantum computer applications; energy; Subversion of production and use; and the biggest trend is that in the context of the Internet of Everything, the productivity of the Internet combined with science and technology will only become stronger and stronger, and the demand for development positions and domestic testing positions that are not well configured will continue to increase. . At the same time, IT companies will also have higher skill requirements for testing positions, which is why many testing positions are no longer just a little bit, and almost all testers are required to have automated testing skills, write scripts in multiple languages, and develop self-built test platforms. reason.

Why choose Newton College?

Many things in life are not linear, and many people and events are indeed surrounded by invisible fate. The reason why I chose to study at Newton College originated in 2018. At that time, I considered changing careers and met Mr. Luo from Newton College, but at that time, because the entrepreneurial project was imminent, I changed careers at that time. I have not succeeded in starting a business before, but I can still see the essence of things and make decisions. Although it took two or three years, I contacted Mr. Luo to learn more about Newton College. I also recognize the positioning and teaching management of Newton College, which is worthy of trust. In terms of risk-output ratio, it is absolutely cost-effective, which is in line with me and more suitable for students who want to change careers. In late June of this year, I officially started studying software testing at Newton College.

I got an offer and joined the bank

In October, the study enters the employment stage, and the interview begins at the end of the month. For my own reasons, I chose to take the direction of financial testing. On the 28th, the two bank projects I interviewed gave employment offers. I have now joined the company. The salary starts at 12k, and there are two opportunities for salary increases a year. The project has performance bonuses , I still feel quite satisfied with my efforts and the opportunity to transfer to a bank.

Xingfang rated it as “intermediate” and the outsourcing company rated it as “senior”. Looking at the “senior test engineer” on the entry form, I felt ashamed. The IT industry is only an entry-level, and after work, I need to continuously learn IT skills to improve my technical level. You can only rely on actual work to silently make up for it.

Life is a marathon. After a fall, recognize yourself, get up, and grow steadily and steadily. The second half is still long. “Part-time work” is not a bad thing. It mainly depends on how you choose and do it.

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