The method of deleting files (folders) that is more violent than 360 force deletion

It is a special headache to encounter some rogue folders that cannot be deleted, especially in some places where important files are stored. I encountered it today. There is a folder that cannot be deleted no matter how I delete it. I specially downloaded 360 and deleted it by force. . . Real TMD hooligan. .

But fortunately, I found a method that is more powerful than 360 deletion on the Internet, and finally pulled out this thorn.

This method is only available for Windows.

▍Create a new text file

Create a new text file anywhere on your computer.

▍Enter code

Open the newly created text file, enter the following code, and save:

DEL /F /A /Q \\?\%1
RD /S /Q \\?\%1

As shown below:

▍Change the suffix name

Modify the suffix of the file to .bat, which is the Windows batch file.

▍Drag to delete files (folders)

Drag and drop the file (folder) you want to delete above the file and release, the file (folder) will be deleted.

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