The experience of the people who come here tells you how to be promoted from Xiaocai B to a software testing engineer with a monthly salary of over 10,000

For some people, the position of a test engineer may be easy for a monthly salary of over 10,000 yuan, but for some people, it seems to have reached a bottleneck. So how can these people break through the bottleneck and get a satisfactory salary? This article will answer it for you.

In fact, for a technical position, the fastest way to get promoted is to upgrade our technical level. Below, Brother Ba will list salaries for everyone according to different technical levels. Small partners in related fields can substitute by themselves. The salary here is for reference The main area is Xi’an.

Manual test engineer, (about 8k monthly salary)

Main Skills: Test Analysis + Use Case Design + Test Execution

In the testing industry, manual testing belongs to the primary stage, similar to the bronze rank in the game of King of Glory. Generally, this rank is basically a player who has just taken over the game. Corresponding to the software testing industry, manual testing is basically some college students who have just graduated. , or beginners who have not gone through systematic study and entered this line of work. This stage is equivalent to the foundation of the test. Only when the foundation is laid, can the floor be built higher and develop longer. In order to take this position well, you need to master the following skills:

  • Solid basic theory, able to complete a project completely according to the testing process;
  • Understand the overall testing process and master certain testing techniques;

Automation test engineer (monthly salary around 13k)

Main skills: test script development ability

Common automation is mainly divided into two types, one is UI automation, the other is interface automation.

Interface automation testing skills:

Tools: Postman, JMeter, etc.

Code: Python+Requests, Java+HttpClient

Skills for UI Automation:

UI automation testing is currently doing more web automation testing and APP automation testing:

Web Automation Testing Framework: Selenium

APP automation testing framework: Appium

Automated test engineers are also a relatively large number of jobs in enterprises. They have become an indispensable skill for test engineers, and the salary is also very good, so small partners who want a monthly salary of over 10,000 can also consider this direction.

Test development engineer (monthly salary around 17k)

Main skills: requirements, design and development capabilities of test frameworks and test tools

Many people may be confused by the name “test development”. They think that testing is testing and development is development. What the heck is test development? Then I’ll tell you, simply put, “test development” is a test engineer who understands code. Many people may think that testers don’t need to understand code, so I tell you, wrong! Big mistake! Many companies in the market now require testers to have a certain code foundation, and if they want to earn a monthly salary of over 10,000 yuan quickly, and become a mid-to-senior test engineer, coding is one of the essential skills.

For test engineers, test development is also the ultimate goal of all test engineers, especially in the era of accelerated development of the Internet, test development engineers will only become more and more popular. The above salary statistics are not necessarily accurate, but you can also see the general direction. It is not difficult to see that in the testing field, the higher the technical level, the higher the salary will be. Therefore, if you want to get a high salary in the testing field, you must be qualified for a high salary. , Continuously improving the technical level is the kingly way of appreciation and salary increase.

These materials should be the most comprehensive and complete preparation warehouse for friends who do [software testing]. This warehouse has also accompanied me through the most difficult journey. I hope it can also help you! Everything should be done as early as possible, especially in the technology industry, and the technical foundation must be improved.

My road to automated testing is inseparable from the plan of each stage along the way, because I like to plan and summarize, so my friends and I spent a period of time arranging and writing the “Software Test Engineer Development Planning Route”, and also organized Many [tutorial resources] are packaged and shared in the group. Friends in need can join the group: 914172719 to get it. Hope it will give you help and direction

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