The couple’s applet version 2.0 has been put on the agenda

Development background

The original idea was just to record some billing information. Later, as the needs of girlfriends increased, this small program gradually added some “weird” functions, which have now been put into practical use.

The reason for the strange formatting of the code

Students who have read the [source code] may find that the code format in some places may be a bit strange, such as the following code:

for (var w = 0; w < i.length; w++) i[w].datas = i[w].data.toFixed(2);
for (var b = 0; b < s.length; b++) s[b].datas = s[b].data.toFixed(2);
d = d.reverse(), f.push(p);
for (var C = 0; C < f.length; C++) f[C].data = f[C].data.reverse();
c = c.reverse(), u.push(h);
for (var S = 0; S < u.length; S++) u[S].data = u[S].data.reverse();
e.pieCharts(i, "pieCanvas" ), e.pieCharts(s, "pieCanvas1" ), e.lineCharts(f, "lineCanvas" , d, "consumption(yuan)" ),
console.log("byWeeks", f, d), console.log("byMonths", h, c), e.setData({
    byType: i,
    byPeople: s

In fact, I didn’t do it on purpose (helpless face), the thing is like this, when the applet first started construction, I didn’t have the habit of managing code warehouses, so the source code was basically just stored on the local computer, until one day, the computer’s hard drive was inexplicable The source code of the applet is not preserved due to my bad habit. That is to say, from this time, I began to pay attention to the management of the remote code repository.
Speaking of which, some people must ask, the source code is gone, do I have to type again? No, because the applet has been released and put into use at that time, so I can get the source code of the released applet by decompiling, but the format of the code obtained is now like this.

Version 1.0 Portal

Address of version 1.0: [Programmer’s Romance – Daily Mini Program for Couples]

2.0 version introduction

Version 1.0 has features

  1. Tag management
  2. Consumption record
  3. Movie viewing list
  4. Hard day record
  5. Wishing tree
    (If you are interested, you can go to version 1.0 to view the detailed introduction)

New in version 2.0

  1. New consumption record
  2. Sleep check

Introduction of new features

1. New consumption record

Since my girlfriend disliked the cumbersome consumption record steps in the previous version, she gave me a new demand, and wanted to record in the form of a form, so there was a new consumption record function.
The page is as follows:
The new consumption record function uses the form of forms to record, we can customize the form items, and formulate the items that need to be filled in every day through form management.

2. Sleep check-in function

It is used to record the sleeping time every day and count the sleeping situation.

It can be seen from the above picture that our sleep time is not healthy (covering our face) and should be improved.

Version 3.0 ALL

  1. Itinerary record
  2. Anniversary (important day) table
  3. New consumption record statistics panel

write at the end

Since this project was done while learning small programs before, there are still many areas that are not standardized or need to be improved. At present, I am still reconstructing and improving new functions. Interested students can communicate with each other.

code address

Gitee (quietly asking for a star):
Personal website:

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