Teacher salary distribution system based on SSM (with source code link)

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1. Project Overview

With the rapid development of computer technology, electronic informatization has gradually replaced traditional management methods. The management system adopted can effectively improve management efficiency. The traditional manual management of teachers’ wages has gradually been unable to adapt to the development of the times. Through the platform of teacher salary management, it integrates computer operation and management concepts into the practical application of teacher salary management, in order to realize the informatization, networking, systematization and standardization of teacher salary management, so that staff can search and standardize teachers’ salary management from complicated data. Free from statistics and reduce workload.

Video demo:

Teacher Salary Distribution System Based on [SSM]

2. Environmental preparation

  • surroundings:

    • IDEA
    • MySQL 5.7.27
    • Tomcat 8
    • Maven 3.6
    • JDK 1.8
    • Require:

    • Mastering MySQL Databases

    • Mastering Spring
    • Mastering SpringMVC
    • Master MyBatis knowledge
    • Master the necessary front-end knowledge

Three, database table design

The tables involved in the system are: department table, teacher table, salary table, financial staff table, feedback table, announcement table and administrator table. The table structure with associated relationships is as follows:

4. The main functional modules of the system

The system is mainly divided into three management modules: teacher module, financial staff module, administrator module. The function module diagram is as follows:

5. Display of functional modules

5.1 Administrator Module

basic skills
├── Department Management
│ ├── add department
│ └── delete department
├── Teacher Management
│ ├── add
│ │ ├── Add teacher
│ │ └── batch upload to database
│ ├── delete
│ │ ├── delete teacher
│ │ └── Batch delete
│ ├── query
│ │ ├── Conditional query
│ │ └── Paging query
│ └── Edit
├── Financial Personnel Management
│ ├── add
│ ├── delete
│ ├── query
│ └── Edit
├── Announcement Management
│ ├── View
│ └── delete
└── Announcement

Note: All pages support printing and exporting, and the export format is pdf and table.

  1. Login module : The administrator background login module uses Shiro to perform authentication, so it is more secure. The page is as follows:

  2. Department management: query all departments in the background and query the number of teachers who belong to the department. When the department is deleted, the teachers under the department will also be deleted. The page is as follows:

  3. Teacher management: administrators can add, delete, modify and check on this page.

  4. When adding teachers, you can add them individually or by uploading filesBulk add. Method reference 👉Apply [POI to parse the Excel table and upload it to the database] in batches. When adding users individually, the selected department is for the consistency of the database, so a drop-down box is dynamically added~

  5. Form validation is set when added separately,Ensures that non-null properties are not null. And verify the teacher ID of the newly added teacher. When the teacher ID exists, it will prompt to re-enter the teacher ID.
  6. Delete can be deleted individually or in batches.
  7. Modify function, specify teachers by queryDynamic echoTo modify the form, and use ajax to do a partial refresh to improve the user experience.
    Ajax reference 👉 Ajax implementation summary
  8. The page is loaded using paging technology. Method reference 👉: [Manually implement paging query and solve multi-page hidden problems]
  9. Conditional query: You can query by name, gender, and department. The department drop-down list is also dynamically loaded through ajax partial refresh.

  10. Financial personnel management : the function is the same as above, the page is as follows:

  11. Announcement management: This page manages announcements.

In this interface, administrators can view and delete published announcements (Implemented the function that when the article is deleted, the pictures in the article are also deleted), the page is as follows:
Method reference 👉: Delete the blog post and delete the uploaded files in the server
Click to view one of the articles, the interface is as follows:

  1. Announcement: This page publishes the announcement.

The ueditor editor is used here, andRealize the problem of uploading files to the server and echoing pictures.
Method reference 👉: UEditor editor realizes file upload to server and image echo problem

5.2 Financial Personnel Module

basic skills
├── Enter salary
├── Salary View
├── Feedback Processing
└── Historical feedback

Note: All pages support printing and exporting, and the export format is pdf and table.

  1. Enter salary:

  2. only entrycurrent monthTeacher’s salary, after the entry, you can check the specific salary entry situation in the salary viewing module.

  3. If there is no teacher information to be entered in the current month, you can passresetEnter information, enter all teacher salaries.
  4. For the reset function, my logic is: I need to re-enter the teacher’s salary every month, so I set an attribute flag in the teacher table to represent whether to release the salary, and the financial needs to be reset in the teacher table every month. of this attribute to re-enter the salary.

  5. Salary information: This module can modify the salary of the “current month” and view other historical salary distribution.

When you click Modify, the system will dynamically query whether the entry time of the salary item is the current month, if not, it cannot be modified. The demo is as follows:

  1. Feedback processing: processingcurrent monthFeedback from teachers, unprocessed is yellow, processing failure is red, processing successful is green. Once processed, no further processing is allowed.

A demonstration of handling feedback is as follows:

  1. Historical feedback: You can view historical feedback information.

5.3 Teacher Module

basic skills
├── System announcement
├── Salary enquiry
└── Feedback List

Note: All pages support printing and exporting, and the export formats include pdf and tables.

  1. System announcement: This module can view the announcement list, click the corresponding announcement to view the announcement details.
    Announcement details, the page is as follows:

  2. Salary query: check teacher salary, andcurrent monthSalary feedback.

Teachers can only give feedback on the salary of the current month, otherwise they cannot give feedback. The demonstration is as follows:

  1. Historical feedback: Check the feedback status, unprocessed is yellow, processing failure is red, and processing is successful is green.

6. Download Instructions

There are still many areas that need to be improved in this system. For conditional query, it is only implemented in the administrator module. If there are buttons for printing and exporting in the page, then the page can be printed and exported. However, the format of exporting to pdf may have some bugs for tables with many columns. However, it can also be saved in pdf format via the print function.

Download link: /download/weixin_43819566/20011846

If the reader thinks that the system can do it well, please come to a one-click three-link haha ​​O(∩_∩)O ~~~

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