Summary of RGB values and color codes of popular eye care colors online

RGB values ​​and color codes of popular eye care colors online

Searching for “eye protection color” in the [search] engine, you will find a bunch of screen color articles about eye protection, all of which are one color, a bit like the color of mung bean paste. The way to do this is in the screen settings.

Hue: 85; Saturation: 123; Lightness: 205,

R: 199; G: 237; B:204;

The color code is: #C7EDCC

1. Computer housekeeper’s eye color
method: (you can view the current color value through QQ screenshot)

R: 204 G: 232 B: 207

2. WPS eye color
R: 110 G: 123 B: 108

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