[Self-use] Silly Girl SMS Login (MaiARK) 7.18 Update

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One-click install docker version MaiARK script:

bash <(curl -s -S -L https://maiark-1256973477.cos.ap-shanghai.myqcloud.com/kiss.sh)

Just follow the prompts to install, just press Enter by default.

Then go to change the configuration file arkconfig.json by default in the path /root/MaiARK .

The server address writes Qinglong ip: port
Qinglong client id and secret key are added to the application in the Qinglong panel (see picture) 

The client id is the Client ID, just click to copy, and the secret key is the Client Secret, which is also copied and pasted.

After doing this, restart the container docker restart container name (docker restart maiark).

First use the login page of maiark to try whether it is successful ip: 8082 (this is the default, if you customize it, enter the customized port)

It shows this is normal

Then upload the silly girl plugin to the plugins folder. /root/sillyGirl/develop/replies

Blue Minato Cloud Link: MaiARK Login 6.20.2.zip – Blue Play Cloud

Upload it, change it to your own ip: port, and restart the silly girl.

2022-07-18Plugin update

Blue Minato Connection:  MaiARK Login 7.18.1.zip – Blue Play Cloud


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