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[python installation] installation of other support libraries

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This section mainly records some commonly used python libraries to facilitate the query of the corresponding installation commands at work.

pip install numpy
pip install matplotlib
pip install Pillow
pip install scikit-learn
pip install pandas
pip install graphviz         # To draw the model structure using plot_model 
pip install pydotplus        # To draw the model structure using plot_model 
pip install baostock
pip install imgkit
pip install htmltable        # HTMLTable 
pip install pathos           # Parallel computing 
pip install tqdm             # Display parallel computing progress 
pip install beautifulsoup4   # beautifulsoup library, format and organize complex network information by locating HTML tags, and show us with easy-to-use Python objects XML structure information 
pip install tqdm
pip install requests
pip install pyautogui        # A pure Python GUI automation tool, through which the program can automatically control a series of operations of the mouse and keyboard to achieve the purpose of automated testing.

# Deploy PDF to WORD OCR environment 
pip install pymupdf                  # Actually import fitz 
pip install paddleocr
conda install paddlepaddle== 2.3 .2     # Find the latest installation method on the official website of paddle 
pip install pypiwin32                # Contains win32con, win32api, win32clipboad and other libraries

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