[Environmental Construction] The construction process of upload-labs vulnerability testing platform based on WAMP environment

Table of contents

1 [WAMP] environment deployment

In this experiment, the upload-labs test platform built relies on the WAMP environment. For the process of installing phpstudy on win2008, please refer to the article ” win2008R2SP1+WAMP environment deployment “, which will not be repeated in this article.

2 Upload-labs vulnerability testing platform construction steps

2.1 Download

The relevant source code can be downloaded on GitHub. The download URL is [https://github.com/c0ny1/upload-labs] , click here to download the compressed package.

2.2 Unzip and rename

After decompressing the compressed package, it is recommended to rename the folder to upload-labs or other more concise and clear names in order to facilitate subsequent access to the shooting range.

2.3 Migration

Copy the upload-labs folder to the WWW folder in the root directory of the phpstudy website.

2.4 Access

3 Summary

Master the construction process of upload-labs shooting range.

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