Clean Code study notes

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Clean Code

meaningful naming

worthy of the name

Specify the object of measurement and the unit of measurement
avoid mana

avoid misleading

Avoid going against the intent
Beware of using less distinct names
Avoid container type names in names
Avoid O01l

make meaningful distinctions

Name according to intention, pay attention to the distinction between opposites (src and obj)
Avoid ambiguity, avoid the same meaning but different names
Avoid crap redundancy (nameString\UserTable....are bad)

so that everyone can read

Mainly for the convenience of communication
Avoid self-made words, use proper formal words
Not to mention spelling

Use a searchable name

This depends on the project naming convention
Try to be consistent with your predecessors
Summarize naming rules for quick search
More attention should be paid to resource files, constant classes, etc.

Avoid using encoding names

This ignore will not have this problem now

Avoiding mental mapping is the right way

class name/object name noun method name verb

Use solution realm name

Add meaningful context

For example, the State in the address appears alone and cannot know its clear meaning and can be named AddState
But looking at our current code it doesn't do this very well

Of course don’t add useless context

In the final analysis, the most important thing is to make the name understandable. Everyone will have a similar or even the same name for this class or method, so that I don’t have to remember the specific name and have a set of naming logic to directly find the corresponding code.


What about short and concise focusing on a single function?

There is only one level of abstraction per function

Utilize polymorphism to ensure switch statements are buried in lower abstractions

Use descriptive names

function with as few parameters as possible

If there are three or more parameters, it means that the parameters are encapsulated into classes based on the need.
Because some parameters themselves are combined into a set of concepts, such as coordinates x, y two parameters can use a Point class as input parameters.

Make sure the function has no side effects

Try to avoid using output parameters

Pull away tyy/catch

structured programming

only one return 
loop don't have break / continue 
don't use goto

Without it, only skilled ears


In a word, delusional comments can beautify your code, so write the code honestly!
It’s better to let the code speak for itself, not comments

Of course, some comments are required, so you have to write them well

What is a good note

Legal information
explain intent
Explain obscure code (preferably written in plain language)
Warning comment TODO Important code enlargement

bad comment

Talking to oneself superfluous nonsense
Misleading comments are often damaging

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