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Hello everyone, my name is Wheat.

Today I recommend a good Qt [open source project to you]

Project homepage

Support function

  • Supports the basic transceiver functions of traditional serial debugging assistants, and can refresh a large amount of data without stalling

  • Support for saving received data

  • Supports the setting of up to 200 editable instructions and is used for multiple sending

  • Support timer sending

  • Support newline replacement [timestamp] function

  • Support more Chinese encoding formats

  • It is worth noting that support for Linux simple serial port debugging

  • Support loading csv table data to 200 editable instructions

  • Support saving and restarting recovery of some window configurations (provided that you do not delete the configuration file)

  • Support custom protocol, IMU attitude display

  • Support virtual serial [oscilloscope]

Simple to use

Release version

Enter the download interface, two styles are supported here, vSailorProject-V0-0-3-black.zipand;

These are two different themes for the software, usually I like the dark theme.

Interested students can carry out secondary development in the source code, import QSSit, and change the theme of the software.

The following is the software interface;

Support serial transceiver

Support IMU attitude display

Support virtual serial oscilloscope

Support TCP protocol

Overall, this project is great, and learning as Qt is also very good, if this project helped you, remember to give a Star

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