2021 year-end summary – fourth year of work

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The main color for 2021 is #add367, anxiety! Short of money!

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Let’s first accept the expectations for the end of 2020

About the traditional project of year-end summary – weight loss❌

Not only did I not lose weight this year, but I also gained 2 pounds. Last year, it was 153, and now it is 155.

From May to August, I rushed to the project, which lasted for 996. At that time, I felt that my body was hollowed out, I was panting heavily when I climbed the stairs, and my palms were often sweaty. Then when I got home from get off work at night, it looked like it was close to 9:00, and I would run for half an hour to go home to take a shower and sleep. , and persisted for about three weeks to reduce it to 150.

Later, it rained for a week in Shanghai, which disrupted my habit and never went for a run again. . .

About degree test, CET 4 and applying for degree❌

In the second half of the year, I signed up for two degree exams, and I even signed up for CET 4. I was prepared to be cruel and fight against the odds in four months.

Then hum hum chi reviewed the knowledge of the degree exam for two months. One week before the exam, the school notified that the degree exam was canceled due to the epidemic situation, and the follow-up exam time will be notified separately! I’m all stupid! Te Meow has been reviewing day and night for two months. I go back to the liver every day after get off work, and every day on Saturdays and weekends.

Just like during a war, soldiers practice day and night, thinking that they can fight the enemy bravely on the battlefield, make great achievements and advance to the pinnacle of life. As a result, the war is about to start, and the general suddenly tells you that this battle will not be fought for the time being. ? ? ? ? ? ?

I’ve been exhausted again and again, I’ve just been discouraged, and I’ve given up on the preparation for the CET 4 test. Let’s pull it down, I’ve had enough of the tense days every day! Who knows if Level 4 will also be canceled!

As a result, the fourth grade was held as scheduled, and the exam will be held as usual next week, gan!

About engagement ✅

On May 1st this year, I went to her house with my daughter-in-law to meet my parents. I wanted to grab two bottles of Feitian Maotai, but I couldn’t grab it, so I bought two bottles of Wuliangye. The money was discounted.

She arrived at her house after 7 pm or 8 pm. It was arranged that night. Uncles and aunts came to a table of people. When they were seated, they were so nervous that their hands were shaking… Fortunately, after a glass of wine, the wine is strong and cowardly hahahaha . Fortunately, my daughter-in-law kept telling my family that I was not very good at drinking, so no one gave me alcohol, and the whole thing went well.

On the last day of going back to Shanghai, at my daughter-in-law’s house (who owns a restaurant), two uncles came to have dinner and asked me to accompany me with two glasses of wine, but I didn’t know what wine they brought, so I turned the two glasses over for me. Now, after drinking, people are stupid, and get on the return car in a dizzy state. Because I had to transfer from Wuhan to Shanghai, I stayed in Wuhan for one night. That night, I had a stomachache and sweated all over my body. I vomited all night. Finally, I had no strength to vomit, so I simply moved a chair and sat on the edge of the toilet to vomit.

It’s better to drink less wine

About becoming a senior front-end developer this year ✅

At the beginning of this year, I joined a foreign company, the development team of the solution department, mainly responsible for making an MES-like system for the company, from ordering to production to logistics, etc., platform customers and suppliers, covering the whole process of production. .

The team is very small, plus the configuration of the leader 5 individuals, two backends, two frontends, and the leader serves as the product and project manager at the same time. The development team performs big and small weeks! In addition, daily overtime is not included in the time off, which is called flexible time. No matter how late you clock in, it will not affect the salary payment.

Why am I still employed under these circumstances?

  1. It’s too close to where I live. There are buses in the park to pick up and drop off. If you take the bus, it only takes 30 minutes to go out to the company. Later, I bought a small electric donkey and arrived at the company in 20 minutes.
  2. The team atmosphere is relatively open, and you can try any technology you like. I am very fond of tinkering, and the project has just started. The experience of building an architecture from 0 is very valuable.
  3. In the front-end framework, I have only used ng in depth, and the upper limit of the psychological requirements for the front-end is lower.
  4. Big pie , switch to a for-profit department, expand recruitment, and then bring your own front-end team or become a product manager.

Let’s talk about the results first. It will be done in April, and it will be launched in September and used by various departments of the company. During this period, a person started to build a front-end project from 0. The project is based on the writing method of vue2 + ts + class component. The ui framework originally wanted to use antd for vue, but due to the element used in the previous v2 version, in order to maintain a unified style, it was compromised. Finally, based on the hungry ui, I built a private component library and released it to the company’s npm private server.

Why am I alone to build the project from 0, because from the beginning of the project to the end of the project, there is no second one!

During the recruitment period, I was in charge of one side and the leader on the other side. From the very beginning, I wanted to recruit a big boss, and at the end I thought about recruiting someone who could move bricks. There were also one or two suitable ones during the period, and people were unwilling to come. I guess it was because we heard that the big and small weeks were too livery, but the big and small weeks were finally canceled recently.

Back to the question itself, did you reach the senior development engineer level this year? My answer is achieved, not achieved.

According to my understanding of senior development engineers last year, I definitely met the requirements. According to my understanding this year, there are still some gaps. After all, there are many front-end people like me who were born in the back-end halfway to the front-end. The relevant foundation is still not solid, especially CSS is too difficult.

However, under the high-intensity actual combat this year, I finally have a hands-on experience in the construction of the architecture and CICD pipeline. In addition, the advanced usage of ts, unit testing, private component library construction, packaging, code refactoring, etc. have also been improved. Profound experience!

About delivery ✅

The notice of handover has been received. Taking advantage of Double 12, I bought some furniture and home appliances necessary for life. The home appliances are basically from Xiaomi, and I will consider Xiaomi’s smart home later.

Vanke’s fine decoration is alright. I didn’t encounter any major problems, but I was not surprised. There was a problem of the water meter whistling when a lot of water was used, which was finally solved.
We must praise Vanke a little here. The staff of the housing management will be on site on the day of delivery, and the real estate certificate can be issued on the spot. However, because I was in a hurry to move in, I bought furniture and appliances, and I had to keep money for the engagement. The money was not enough to pay the deed tax. Go to do the real estate certificate, ready to do it after the engagement is completed. If all goes well, this year will be Chinese New Year in Wuhan.

In the past few days, I have seen that many houses in the owner group are being renovated, and I am very envious.

About your future path❌

This year is an extremely banana-green year, and the sense of happiness is extremely low. Mortgage, engagement, betrothal gifts, car buying, marriage, these small boss levels are coming soon, and my panel is still smashed!

Sometimes I wonder what other people’s 23-year-olds are like, would they be like me? Not being able to live the way you like is actually quite tormenting, but I don’t have the courage to give up this seemingly stable life.

I always thought that I had seen life before the age of 30, and recognized my approximate upper and lower limits! The future main quests are just waiting to be cleared one by one, but I don’t want to do this quest at all.

This is what the daughter-in-law said

Are you tired of planning so much? Can’t you just take one step at a time?

The problem is that I can’t do it. I deserve my low happiness and my anxiety!

About to travel ❌ and massage ✅

This year, I went to the big bucket with my daughter-in-law to experience it, and it was not as relieved as I imagined. Maybe the store I went to is not good.

Other things happening this year

  • It seems that nothing special has happened this year. Basically, we are following the steps according to the plan of last year.

  • Preserved Dan, this child-raising husband, is not very strong. He has never been matched. He was taken to be sterilized by me. Now the two have become sisters hhh.

  • In terms of technical improvement, I read a lot of theories last year and had a lot of ideas, which have all been realized this year.

  • Judging from Alipay, WeChat, bank card balances and credit card repayments, this year is another year for nothing, and next year’s engagement will cost a lot of money, goodness!

2022.1.29 Update
This year, due to various reasons, I couldn’t go back to celebrate the New Year. I stayed in the company until the last day. This is the second year I have spent in Shanghai. At noon, my grandmother told me in the video that the village has been repairing a lot recently. On the card surface, the main road has been widened, and the asphalt road is paved, but unfortunately the vegetable garden at the door was destroyed, and it was not allowed to be used. At that time, it suddenly occurred to me that I hadn’t come home for two years. I wonder if the old yellow dog at home still recognizes it, and whether the water leakage in my broken bungalow is more serious.

The last time I went home was probably in 2020 when I went to Wuhan to settle down. I went to the township police station to transfer my household registration. At that time, a large area of ​​locust trees in front of my house and the poplar trees that had been there since I remembered were all cut down. At that time, the row of poplar trees at the back of the house was still there. Later, I heard from my father that when I bought a house, I cut down the down payment and sold it. Mixed feelings for a while.

In our generation, the post-90s are lucky to have a good childhood. No matter how poor the family was when they were young, at least they could afford to go to school and eat. There are many friends of the same age in the village. At that time, there were no mobile phones. During the holidays, the children in the village were all playing in the large open space in front of my neighbor’s house.

When I grew up, I realized how difficult it was to live in this society. It turns out that education is not so fair. It turns out that it is so difficult for my parents to earn money. It turns out that my parents are old. It turns out that when others collect rent for one year, it is worth my 996 work day and night for several years. To empty the parents’ coffin book.

In fact, what Da Mengzi said, some people were born in Rome, and some people were born as bulls and horses, I don’t have much resentment, it’s just reincarnation, others are blessed by others. When I first graduated, I imagined that I would earn a million dollars at the age of 26, have a lot of savings, buy a big house for my parents, and then get married with my daughter-in-law. In the fourth year of work, in addition to doing something I like in my life plan, these dreams are still there.

Recently, my daughter-in-law went back to her hometown and helped her sister-in-law to take care of the child. The child who was just born was less than one year old. She cried every day, day and night. The adults couldn’t sleep well when taking turns with them, which greatly deepened my love for children. of fear. I remember chatting with my dad before. My dad told me to give me a few more babies and I must have a boy. At that time, I quarreled with him. It’s 2021 and still prefer sons to daughters? I have a few more children. In today’s society, with my current ability, I don’t think I can afford two children. With one more child comes one more responsibility. Judging from the current social welfare system, I can’t even think about the time when I was 40 years old, not to mention the programmer’s mid-life crisis, the child was just in junior high school, the parents were old and in bad health and needed to be taken care of. With part of the income, the daughter-in-law does not dare to resign to be a full-time wife. There is no solution to this situation.

2022.1.30 Update

Today is the last day of work, and tomorrow I can rest. I’m going to move at the end of February after the new year. I moved out and rented a one-bedroom house with my wife and daughter. The house has been found. I don’t have to be woken up by the smell of shit or the sound of picking cat litter in the middle of the night. I don’t have to worry anymore. The cat hair is all over the bed, and there is no need to worry about the little two dancing in the middle of the night, and the little two finally don’t have to be locked in a cage at night. I finally have a solo guard and a solo chef. I can practice the guitar again without worrying about disturbing my roommates. I hope 2022 can be happy and smooth, go ahead!

Expectations and arrangements for next year

  1. We will get engaged as planned in April next year, and then go to Yunnan for a week trip.
  2. Take the degree test and apply for a degree certificate.
  3. Do real estate licenses.
  4. At the end of the year, according to the actual situation, pay the down payment to pick up the car, Han 2 or Xiaopeng p7 or other new energy vehicles that will be released next year, there is really no satisfactory consideration for ct5. 2022.1.29 Update: BMW x1 top or sub-top equipment is added Choose a plan.
  5. Short of money, increase your income as much as possible!
  6. Year-end summary of the old tradition – lose weight!
  7. Update on January 29, 2022: Recently, there is some induration of the fat on the waist. It hurts when I press it with my hands. I checked the fat fiber and the like, which may be caused by obesity. I don’t know what it is.

Next year will be the year of birth. At the age of 24, I hope that I can find a real hobby and turn my hobby into a means of income. But so far, all I know is that I love to eat! Do you want to learn editing and consider becoming a food blogger?

Update on January 29, 2022: I
just suddenly realized that a way to combat stress is to learn to draw more cakes for myself, and draw some cakes that may be realized in the next year, so that I can live more hopeful, so that at least I will not be depressed.

I sincerely hope that I can live in this world with enthusiasm, and I hope that my middle-aged self will feel that I have no regrets in my youth!

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