2021 PMP Most Complete Summary – Five Processes

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2021 PMP Most Complete Summary – Five Processes

Five Processes | Top Ten Knowledge Areas | 49 Process Groups

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Five Processes

start process group

1  Develop a project charter 
    to empower the PM to initiate the project 
2  Identify stakeholders and 
    figure out who is related to the project

Planning Process Group

3  Develop a project management plan Create 
    a blueprint for project execution 
4  Plan scope 
    management Provide guidance for scope management 
5 Gather requirements  Understand 
    what customers want 
Provides guidance 9 Defines activities Determining which activities to take 10 Sequences activities Prioritizes work execution 11 Estimating activity duration Estimating time required for actions 12 Developing schedules Developing action guidelines 13 Planning cost management Providing guidance for cost management 14 Estimating cost estimating needs How much does it cost 15 How much money should be given for budget approval16 Planning quality management Planning and setting standards17 Planning resource management What resources are needed for planning, how many resources and how to obtain resources18 

 Estimating activities 
    , resources and resources 
19.  Planning , communication, management 
    , planning , how to transfer information 
20. Planning  , 
    risk management definition 
Risk analysis Find out how big the risk is 24 Planning for risk response Determine how to avoid danger Seize the opportunity 25 Planning for procurement

execution process group

27  Guidance and management of project work according to the 
28  Manage project knowledge 
    Utilize knowledge, generate knowledge, share knowledge 
29 Manage  quality 
    inspection process, 
ensure quality 30  Obtain resources 
    Solve problems and optimize performance 33 Manage communication to ensure effective information flow between both parties 34 Implement risk response Dispose of information in accordance with plans 35 Implement purchase and sale negotiations and sign contracts 36 Manage related party participation to enhance support and reduce resistance

Oversight Process Group

37  Monitor project work 
    Comprehensively monitor project deviations 
38  Implement overall change control 
    Comprehensive control of project changes 
39  Confirm the scope and 
    verify the deliverable is successful or not. 
40  Control scope 
    Control scope can not do more, less, and wrong 
41  Control progress 
    Control the speed of progress 
42  Control the cost 
    , control the cost of inspection, 
43  Control the quality 
    , control the quality of the quality, 
44  Supervise communication , 
    supervise the effect of communication 
45  Supervise risks 
    , supervise old risks, 
identify new risks  Control the procurement 48 Supervise the participation of relevant parties and supervise the relationship between the relevant parties to improve the effect and efficiency of the participation of the relevant parties

closeout process group

49  End the project or phase 
    to accept the results, preserve knowledge, and release resources

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