2021-2022 New version IDEA creates projects without JavaEE and Web options

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I don’t know if everyone’s IDEAupdates have been updated. After the update, many people found that they did not see the JavaEE or JavaWeb options when creating a project.

Of course, if you’re a Mavenproject, you probably haven’t found it, because the Mavenproject has a web template.

So, how to solve this problem, or in other words, where did this thing go?

Solution 1

We create the Javaproject as normal.

Right click on the project and add [framework] support.

This should be okay.

Honestly, that’s pretty convenient, isn’t it?

Solution 2

Shortcut keys alt+ctrl+shift+/.

Find my blue box and check it.

It is still more recommended method 1, which is more convenient and suitable.

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