2020 Mathematical Modeling Beauty Contest Question C

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  1. Analyze the three product [datasets] provided to identify, describe, and support mathematical evidence, meaningful quantitative and/or qualitative patterns, relationships, metrics, and parameters between stars, reviews, and usefulness ratings, which Will help Sunshine succeed in its three new online marketplace offerings.

  2. Use your analysis to answer the following specific questions and requests from the Marketing Director of Sunshine Corporation:
    a. Determine data metrics based on ratings and reviews that best provide the following information. The Sunshine Company tracks once their three products are sold on the online marketplace.

b. Identify and discuss time-based measures and patterns within each dataset that may indicate an increase or decrease in a product’s reputation in the online marketplace.

c Identify the combination of text-based metrics and rating-based metrics that best indicate the likely success or failure of the product.

d. Do higher star ratings lead to more reviews? For example, are customers more likely to write some type of review after seeing a series of low star ratings?

e Are specific quality descriptors of text-based reviews, such as “enthusiastic,” “disappointed,” and others, closely related to rating levels?

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