130 shares of WeChat applet source code in 2022

First, the original intention of sharing

  1. Over the years, from a WeChat applet Xiaobai to the current Dabai, I have experienced many small programs. When I have no inspiration, I go to these 130 to fry it, which saves a lot of time
    . 2. I thought about the previous stage. Let’s see if there is a Douyin applet for wallpapers. I took a look. Various fees and various thresholds are set. For someone like me who loves learning and research, it’s too unpleasant to watch, and it shouldn’t be.
  2. Therefore, I will share my inventory with everyone for free first, and take away the useful ones~~ I think they are useless~
  3. If you want to share, remember to see you in the comment area, and let’s turn 130 WeChat applet [source code] into 1300 indivual

2. List of 130 WeChat Mini Program Source Codes

The screenshots are not complete, but basically enough to fry ctrl ctrl~

3. Download link

The reason for setting points is that 0 yuan is easy to be abused and forwarded, and it is used by some people to cut leeks.
Why don't I cut it myself

  1. Free download

1) The name of the vx applet is "Instant Universe 4K"
2) Search for 130 in the applet
Why not just put the download link for it?
1) It is easy to be blocked and invalid.
2) I am too lazy to go to the network disk to find its link.

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